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Interaction 19



A proposal for IxDA’s Interaction Week 19 conference identity.


Project Type
Branding/System Identity

Create the visual identity for IxDA’s 2019 Conference

8 Weeks, Spring 2018

Collaboration with:
Jett Tucker


The annual IxDA Interaction Week is coming to Seattle in February 2019. Designed around the theme Design in the Wild.

Inspired by the textures and experiences of Seattle, Interaction 19 makes use of its surroundings to create a unique experience. The identity, like interaction design, is wild, adaptable, and untamed—reflected through its use of clear materials and bold colors.
Interaction 19 gives us a glimpse of what's to come, or at times, simply reminds us of what already exists.

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Speaker Bumpers

Interaction 19_Final1.jpg

The planning and brainstorming process for this project was extensive. With the conference’s theme being more obscure, we tried to translate that obscurity and avant-garde quality to drive the design. After many iterations, we were attracted to the use of transparency juxtaposed with bright unnatural colors for their unconventional qualities.