A simple, straight-forward app for tracking daily movement goals.


Project Type
UI/UX, Mobile (iOS)

Redesign the existing Pedometer+ app
with additional features

5 Weeks, Winter 2018


Pedometer+ is a straightforward step counter for the user interested in keeping track of their daily movement, while valuing simplicity over complexity. With the light-weight, minimal appearance, users can quickly view their data, and assess the progress of their daily achievements with a large radial chart changing with their movement. Focused on user experiences, Pedometer+ has a friendly tone that makes attaining goals fun, and allows the user to customize elements to suit their day-to-day preferences. Movement has never been so simple!



The Dashboard displays all the user's current movement information for easy access. A large radial dial reflecting the user's daily goal solves any ambiguity one may have. The color and primary measurement of movement can be customized. Clean. Simple. Uncomplicated.


From the Analytics tab, users can view their daily, weekly, and monthly movement data by scrolling side to side. The simple interface highlights only the most essential information for ease of use. No rabbit-hole of never-ending tapping through menus.

Meeting Goals

Using Pedometer+ is like being encouraged and congratulated on accomplishments from a close friend. Users create their own goals, and are treated to a fun, friendly voice when meeting those goals. Awards can be collected, as well as daily streaks.


User Flow

Pedometer_Board 2.png

The Process

Original Pedometer++ App
Pedometer+ began as a visual redesign of the existing Pedometer++, which is intuitive and does the job, however falls short in terms of visual language and friendliness. With this, it was important that my redesign be as simple as possible, and focus only on the most essential elements, while adding personality, reflected in early wireframes.

690x0w (2).jpg

Initial Wireframes
The project began with many explorations of form, and where/how to display the app’s necessary information. Deciding whether or not to show the information as an actual graph or step visualization was one of the first steps.

2_Homepage Copy 2.png
3_Homepage Copy 2.png

Refine. Repeat.
Moving forward with the analytical, bar-type of visualization, multiple iterations were made. I found it important to stay somewhat close to the current app’s visual language, yet refine it to be more straightforward and clean.