Showroom Stories

Print Publication


A tongue-in-cheek publication showcasing the perfect lives of those living in the IKEA catalog.


Project Type
Print Publication, Copywriting
116 pages, perfect-bound
21 x 22.1cm

Create a full-size, hand-bound original publication

7 Weeks, Autumn 2018
Advised by Jayme Yen


We're not perfect. Our lives are messy, dramatic, sometimes unstable and usually hectic. We aspire to be our best, and live our best, fulfilling lives, but often hide behind the facade of a “perfect” life. Shown through the lens of one of the most circulated publications in the world, this publication attempts to highlight the imperfections and “real lives” of the seemingly everyday people of the IKEA world. Original stories about these fictitious people are juxtaposed with a New Yorker article detailing the impact and reality of IKEA’s capitalization on creating the perfect home.

Growing up, I watched a lot of television dramas and reality shows. The fast-paced, pop culture filled episodes were a great source of inspiration, which brought the characters of a fictitious world into the real world, albeit in a very dramatized way. With that, a satirical, non-serious, slightly humorous and eerily uncanny IKEA catalog was born in the name of having fun.


Chapter Excerpt


The process of creating this catalog has brought me an immense appreciation to those who create publications— from authors and editors, to those designing every last detail of the interior and hand-binding it all. In the beginning, I didn’t expect the amount of detail to be so high for this project, yet there I was at 10pm on a Friday night matching exact products and prices to photos of a stuffed panda and a side table. I’m by no means a writer and never imagined writing fictional stories, but the experience was overall very fun.

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